Monday, September 21, 2009

Insanity Becomes Me

Ahhhh, hello blog! Sorry, I have been a bit neglectful. Alas I have returned, with new funny's to share. As some of you know, my two-year-old Grace Adelle, also referred to as GA has been quite the diva as of late. She has not slept for the past 3, yes THREE nights. Brian and I have been taking turns being up with her, watching "tb". She has been very cranky and telling us, "her teef hurt," so I suspected she was getting her 2-year-molars...which is possible. She also has been saying her nose hurts, so who knows. I finally broke down and took her to the doctor today, to find out that-drum roollll....she has an ulcer in her mouth!! It is unbelievable! Who knows a 2-year-old that gets ulcers! So, I was putting her medicine, which, btw is called "Magic Mouthwash" on her gums with a q-tip. She lay there so still while I did the top. Then we had this convo:

Me: Good girl Grace Adelle, you are being so still. Does it taste good?
GA: No mommy. It's gucky.
Me: Okay, well let's do the bottom and then we will go to bed.
GA: Otay mommy

It's so hard having children, especially when they can't tell you EXACTLY what's wrong with them! This is one of my favorite ages, but I will be so glad when ALL of my kids can tell me/show me what hurts.

So Brian and I are praying that tonight will be the night that we get some sleep! Here's hoping~

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Aidan-The Next Graphic Novelist

So we were pulling into the driveway today after picking Aidan up from school. His teacher has been out the last two days with the flu, and I'm pretty sure his sub doesn't know what to do. We were about to get out of the car when Aidan said, "Hey Mommy! Look at this picture I drew today!" He brought it up front and was showing me, I said, "That's great Aidan! Good Job." Then he started giving me the description of what was going on here. It is too good to be true, and must be shared. I have posted the pic also, so you can all get a good feel for was too funny. I am know going to write it as it was told to me: "Okay, see this girl on the left? She is getting blown up. And see, this over here? This is me, getting hit by a car. Oh and see this guy here? He is getting eaten by sharks. This is a baby crawling up a volcano saying 'goo goo'. And this guy in the plane is about to crash." "Wow, Aidan. This is really violent," I said. To which his smiling response was, "Thanks Mom. I knew you'd like it." I mean, I thought it was so funny, but I didn't laugh in front of him. To see his face though, you would have thought I had just told him it was the most beautiful thing I had ever makes me wonder if he even knows what violent means?? I was too tired to tell him!